My Bath Solutions

High Quality Bath Solutions

For Your Bathroom Renovation Needs

My Bath Solutions

High Quality Bath Solutions

For Your Bathroom Renovation Needs

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We are a family owned company serving Canadians. We are always striving to offer better products and services.

Our vision is to enhance the daily lives of our clients through innovative, high quality, refreshing designs. We want to demonstrate the latest “Tileless” system that reflect industry-leading standards, showcasing superior wall panelling renovations as an efficient, effective and beautiful value add to your home.


Upgrade your bathroom with a new bathtub


Upgrade your outdated shower with a new contemporary shower.

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Our revolutionary Tileless wall system technology is the latest creative shower wall system in the bathroom industry. It has extra scratch and UV resistance, it is waterproof and mildew resistant to prevent grout lines. It is UV Polyurethane fused on a PVC backer board. It can be installed over existing tiles but we recommend against it.


5mm thick

FREE of V.O.C or phthalates
Maintenance-free grout which won’t get stained
100% waterproof


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Experience the feeling of an upgrade whether you’re looking for a new tub or a complete bathroom overhaul.

We specialize in providing your house with a new and luxurious look at an affordable price.

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