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standard bathtub replacement

New tub and surround replacement in ONE day.

Get free corner glass shelves

Save Money and time with our special panel system

Get tile look without a cost of tiles

TileLess wall system

20 year warranty

Sealing or regrouting not necessarily down the road

$4200  $3950

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

(587) 968-0980
Call us to find out more about our TileLess wall system.

Before & After

Experience the feeling of an upgrade whether you’re looking for a new tub or a complete bathroom overhaul.

We specialize in providing your house with a new and luxurious look at an affordable price.

$4200  $3950

Before After


No, grout can’t be stained andvis resistant to most common household chemicals.

Or panel width is 6ft. So we are limited up to 6ft in any direction.

No, we do full tub or shower replacements

What our customer say

They came and replaced our old bathtub and walls in one day. Couldn't believe that their panels aren't tiles, I love ease of maintenance, especially when kids playing with paints in bathtub and don't need to worrie about stained grout. Thank you.
Alvis S.

$4200  $3950

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